President Sahlework, PM Justin Trudeau Hold Bilateral Talks


ENA  February 8/2020 President Sahlework Zewdie and Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau held a bilateral discussion at The National Place in Addis Ababa today. 

The two leaders discussed various local and regional issues including strengthening trade and investment ties. PM Justin Trudeau is in Ethiopia for a working visit.

Addressing a joint press briefing, President Sahlework said the two countries agreed to further strengthening their bilateral and multilateral relations, especially in trade and investments.

“Our conversation was more on trade and investment,” she said.

To this end President Sahlework and Prime Minister Trudeau agreed to enhance economic cooperation between Ethiopia and Canada.  

The two sides have also granted for women’s empowerment and supporting entrepreneurs, their participation in the peacekeeping missions beyond their involvement in trade and investments.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau appreciated Ethiopia’s move in empowering women, where currently half of the country’s cabinet have been taken by women.

He also reaffirmed Canada’s strong commitment to strengthen ties with Ethiopia on a wide range of issues, especially increasing trade and investment.

According to him, the relationship between Ethiopia and Canada will explore new avenues of collaboration on a wide range of cooperation.

“Ethiopia is one of the world’s fastest growing economies in the world, with its young, ambitious and creative work force, it is set to become a major economic hub,” the Prime Minister stated.

He added that, “by strengthening our ties, we can open up new markets for entrepreneurs and create new jobs for Canadians and Ethiopians.”

The diplomatic relations between Ethiopia and Canada is of more than 50 years.