Ethiopia, Argentina Keen on Heightening Ties


ENA  February 8/2020 Argentina is eying to scale up the level of relations with Ethiopia by providing technical support for the enhancement of agricultural productivity, Argentina’s Malvinas Secretary, Daniel Filmus said.

“Argentina is desirous in improving cooperation in agriculture through the provision of technical support to Ethiopia,” he noted in his exclusive interview with ENA on Sunday.

Argentina and Ethiopia have food security challenges, which needs to be improved to realize the necessity of their people, he stated.

The two countries are also interested in improving economic ties in several potential sectors by enhancing cooperation among state or private-owned enterprises, Daniel pointed out.

Currently, national institute of agricultural technology of Argentina is working with Ethiopian Biotechnology Institute to expand the cooperation into a higher level, he said.

Compared to other countries, the trade and investment flow between two countries is low emphasizing the need to improve it in the future.

According to Daniel, Ethiopian business delegation is expected to attend the Ethio-Argentina business forum, which will be held in the capital Buenos Aires next month.

The forum will help to create opportunity in finding ways to improve focal points for future cooperation, he added.

While both Ethiopia and Argentina striving to scale up ties in all possible spheres, Ethiopian airlines flights to the capital Buenos Aires enhances people to people relations between the two countries, he stated.

The flights to Buenos Aires will provide Argentina’s efficient connections to Africa and Asia.

Argentina is one of the largest economies in South America and the capital Buenos Aires is the second largest city in Latin America with a population over 13 million.

The flights of the Ethiopian Airlines to Argentina help to boost tourism and commercial relations between the two countries.