Canada Vows to Heighten Bilateral Relations with Ethiopia


ENA February 8/2020 Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau conferred on wide range of bilateral issues at the Office of the Prime Minister in Addis Ababa today.

The two counterparts have explored how to work together on common interests of development, climate change trade, investments in energy, agro-processing, pharmaceuticals and regional peace and security.

During their meeting, Premier Abiy shared the multifaceted reforms underway in Ethiopia anchored in democratization as well as the vision for building holistic prosperity.

Prime Minister Trudeau expressed the commitment of the Canadian government to strengthen ties with Ethiopia on many fronts.

Trudeau expressed his hope that the reforms undertaking under the leadership of Prime Minister Abiy would step Ethiopia forward to a better level.

The Prime Minister appreciated the changes and reforms underway in Ethiopia and reaffirmed to standby as a friend and good partner.

He noted that his country is ardent to heighten its well-established economic, educational and development cooperation with Ethiopia

Prime Minister Trudeau accentuated on the need to have strong cooperation between Ethiopia and Canada in several fields.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed also indicated that the two countries have relationship that lasted over the past half century.

Abiy reiterated Ethiopia’s strong commitment to strengthen the existing relationship between the two countries.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau also expected to meet with leaders attending the 33rd African Union Summit and participate in side events focused on deepening relationships with African countries.

The Premier was arrived in Addis Ababa on Friday for an official visit to Ethiopia. He also visit Senegal and Germany after wraps-up his visit to Ethiopia.