Politicians Urge forModerate Political Discourse in Ethiopia


Addis Ababa (ENA) February 4/2020  Politicians urged for moderate political discourse in Ethiopia as the country strives to realize democratic reform and transformation.

Political figures who talked to ENA said Ethiopia has been experiencing recurrent mass conflicts that have claimed the lives of thousands and displaced hundreds of thousands due to intrigue politics.

Chairman of Tigray Democratic Coalition Party (TAND), Aregawi Berhe, said  all challenges that Ethiopia has been facing emanate from the country’s political problems and extreme views of political actors.

The country has inherited deeply ingrained historical narratives of being a pawn in games of political intrigues, he said.

“When we look into the past and current disarray, it is because of the political culture and the discourse we pursue. We the politicians have never give priority for the interest of the people and the country rather than our political advantage,” he pointed out.

Aregawi stated that Ethiopia has been embarking on reforming a deep-rooted challenges and structural changes.

Articulating that Ethiopia is on critical juncture to be transformed into a democratic nation, the ongoing divisive political discourse has become one of the major obstacles that continue impeding the reform and transitional efforts of the country.

“I found that the political parties and the elites’ response to the problem have also been scanty because of countries age-old political culture of conspiracy,” Aregawi underscored.  

Addressing the parliament and respond to questions raised by members of the parliament on Monday, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed indicated that some politicians have been still the nostalgia of early 1960s Ethiopian political discourses.

Appreciating the indisputable response of the Prime Minister on the current affairs, Aregawi urged the non-state actors to proceed responsibly and promote moderate political approaches.

Teshale Sebero, who is a senior political figure from Ethiopian Citizens for Social Justice, said ensuring the political reform is important saying that “this is the last golden opportunity for having a democratic and united Ethiopia.”

“We have been witnessing several security problems in some part of Oromia Regional State and other part of the country, which have resulted tremendous human rights abuses,” he said.

However, Teshale, further said “I am very optimistic that the incumbent has adequate capacity to transform this great nation into a real democratic country”.

Noting that Ethiopia has been transforming from a repressive system, he hoped the finale of this gloomy chapter as political elites to follow moderate political narrative and come together for genuine dialogue, he said.