PM Abiy Vows Nation “will Prevail over Conspiracy Politics, Ascertain Prosperity”


ENA, February 3/2020 Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed told members of the House of People’s Representatives this afternoon that his government will overcome the challenges the country is facing and ensure prosperity.

Responding to questions raised by the members, the premier said the prevailing situation in the country is very challenging.

Some of the problems need time as they seek a long-term and structural change.

No Ethiopian can benefit from solving things violently, he stated, and stressed that “peaceful dialogue is the only best solution whereby no one loses and everyone benefits.”

Speaking about the recently abducted university students, Abiy pointed out that the mere fact that nobody claimed responsibility for the abduction worsened the situation.

As a result, the government focused on rescuing them rather than disclosing information, he explained.

The government of Ethiopia is patient and will continue so with adequate diligence, the PM noted. However “legal measures will be taken to ensure that there are no two leaders in one nation.”

With regard to preparations for the upcoming national election scheduled in August 2020, the premier said the election can be conducted successfully and only if all parties, the people and the government cooperate.

“The election can be successful if the House of People’s Representatives and the government as well as the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia, competing parties and the people comply with the code of conduct they signed and respect rule of law. In short, all should cooperate for peace,” he stressed.

He further underscored that peaceful and successful election cannot be conducted by the government and the electoral board alone. It is the responsibility of all. All are expected to play their role.

Assuring the members that the election will be free and peaceful, Abiy said the government does not and will not interfere in the affairs of the electoral board, and the House is responsible for the laws adopted regarding election.

According to him, the actual date and time of the election will be announced by the electoral board based on discussions to be conducted with all the parties, and the government is waiting for the final decision of the board.