Ethiopia Puts Coronavirus Suspects in Isolation


January 28/2020 In the wake of the coronavirus outbreak currently enduring in Wuhan China, Ethiopia isolated four suspected cases in isolation who arrived at the Bole Airport from China.

Briefing journalists, Health State Minister, Liya Tadesse revealed no positive case of novel coronavirus has been detected in Ethiopia yet.

However, all the samples were tested and the preliminary results showed negative with no positive case of the virus so far.

“Though we have suspected four cases in isolation at Addis Ababa Bole International Airport, medical samples were sent to South Africa for further test,” the State Minister said.

Ethiopia still has no coronavirus positive case, she noted adding that the country will step up its surveillance and testing facilities to ensure that it can manage to provide immediate health care response.

Ethiopia has heightened preparedness to prevent the entry and spread of the coronavirus to the country. 

The State Minister underscored that adequate preparations are in place, particularly at the Bole International Airport for thermal screening, preliminary surveillance, and testing of arrivals from China and its neighboring countries.

The Ethiopian Public Health Institute (EPHI) leads and coordinates national preparedness activities through a national technical working group (TWG).

The TWG, which meets several times a week to devise plans, monitor progress, develop guidelines and standard operating procedures, oversee logistics and strengthen surveillance at the Addis Ababa Bole International Airport.

Coronavirus, which occurred over the last couple of weeks in China, has so far been spread to 37 countries including in the U.S.

To date 20,802 persons, of which 552 that arrived in Addis Ababa from Novel Coronavirus infected countries, are under close follow up in accordance forms they have filled during their arrival.