Gov’t Reiterates Commitment to Manage Labor Migration through Policy Frameworks, Legal Instruments


Ena January 21/2020 The Government of Ethiopia has reiterated its commitment to the management of labor migration by developing clear national policy frameworks and legal instruments, Labor and Social Affairs Minister Ergoge Tesfaye said.

Speaking at a regional ministerial forum on harmonizing labor migration policies within East and Horn of Africa that opened yesterday, the minister reiterated the commitment of the government to manage labor migration by developing clear national policy frameworks, legal instruments and signing international labor treaties.

According to her, Ethiopia is an origin, transit point and destination of migrants from different countries within the region.

The country has been championing the prevention of illegal migration and human trafficking, among others, by establishing a national task force chaired by the Attorney General, under the auspices of the deputy prime minister, and crafting proclamations geared towards the proper management of labor migration, Ergoge pointed out.

The minister revealed that Ethiopia has already signed bilateral agreements with countries such as Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar and Jordan, and negotiations are ongoing with other countries that are major destinations for Ethiopian migrant workers.

The regional labor ministers convened to share their respective country’s experience and renew their commitment to the collective management of labor migration and exchange best practices to address the challenges faced by the region in this endeavor.

Stakeholders such as International Organization for Migration, the International Labor Organization, and the African Union are also sharing the miscellaneous international and regional legal frameworks with regards to labor migration and their respective experience on how to harmonize migration policies among countries to ensure the protection of the rights of migrant workers.

The Government of Kenya, in collaboration with the United Nations International Organization for Migration, organized the forum that will conclude today.