A Mother Builds Health Center to Pay Tribute to Victims of Seattle Fire Accident


ENA, January 19/2020 Helen Worede has vivid memories of the deadliest fire accident in 2010 in Seattle, where she lost five of her family members including her brightest and brave sons. 

She had shared a deep connection with her children before the worst accident occurred that tune in fact brings back memories of the nightmarish.

A service was held in memory of those who had died in the Seattle fire accident ten years ago. The remembrance this time is by building a memorial public health center in tribute of the deceased ones.   

Helen built the public health center with an outlay of 12.6 million birr in the town of Shire Endasilassie, Tigray Regional State.

Dubbed as “The Five Angels Health Center” inaugurated on Saturday as a memorial to those who died in the fire accident, Helen said.

The public health center with 16 wardrooms and other facilities has the capacity to serve more than 25,000 people in town and from its environs, it was indicated.

Appreciating Helen’s move, Head of Tigray Region Health Bureau, Dr. Hagos Godefay said the center built by Helen is vital to boost health service accessibility in the town.

He pledged the bureau to fulfill medical equipments and health professionals to the center within a short period of time.