Ethiopia, Sudan Run Firm, Fairly Similar Stance on GERD: FM Gedu


Ena January 17/2020 Ethiopia and Sudan pursued firm and closely similar stance during negotiations over the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD), Foreign Minister Gedu Andargachew said.

In briefing media in Washington D.C., Foreign Minister Gedu Andargachew stated that Sudan remains expressing its undisputable strong stand on the pending issues regarding to GERD.

Gedu lauded Sudan’s unwavering stance in all the GERD negotiations which he said was based on ‘genuine reasons’.

“Ethiopia and Sudan do have almost similar positions on the GERD negotiations despite minor differences. As Sudan’s stand emanates from genuine validation of the future benefits from the dam,” Gedu elaborated.

Stating that GERD will benefit the two lower riparian countries; Sudan and Egypt, he pointed out that Ethiopia will work towards reaching an agreement based on the cooperative principles.

As the GERD project would help the country generate more than 6,000 watts of electricity, it is expected to respond to the power demands to neighboring countries beyond fulfilling domestic demands.

Moreover, GERD will contribute a remarkable decrease in the amount of silt deposited in downstream dams would help lower riparian countries spend less on cleaning up while providing an opportunity for farmers along the banks to benefit from government assistance in their agricultural endeavors.