US Ambassador’s Afar Visit Will Promote Tourism, Says Regional Communication Bureau Head


ENA January 14/2020 US Ambassador to Ethiopia Michael A. Raynor visited Erta Ale, Ethiopia’s “Smoking Mountain” in Afar Regional State today.

His visit is aimed at promoting tourist destination sites in Afar region to US citizens and investors, according to Afar Region Communication Bureau Head Ahmed Kaloyta.

Ambassador Raynor will also visit other tourist sites in the region, including Dalol and Aseale,   it was leant.

Afar regional state has various natural, anthropological, historical and cultural assets, which make it a region full of multi-choice tourist sites.

Tourists prefer the Afar region for its mesmeric natural scenery around the estuary of River Awash, its tremendous hot springs with healing powers, its lakes, and rivers, wild animals, including Ethiopia’s first park, Awash National Park, and many other attractive locations.  

Of all the archeological assets that made Afar the apex of all tourist sites, the famed Lucy is one.

The discovery of Ideltu, Kadaba, Selam, Ardi and many other ancient fossils indicate that the region is center for scientific research.