House Approves Nation’s First-Ever Uniform Weapons Administration, Control Proclamation


ENA January 9/2020 The House of People’s Representatives (HPR) has approved the first-ever uniform Weapons Administration and Control Proclamation to the country today.

Presenting the draft proclamation, Foreign Relations and Peace Affairs Standing Committee Chairperson Tesfaye Daba said the law will fulfill the lack of uniformity with regard to regulating and controlling weapons and their usage in the country.

The proclamation will help to control illegal weapons trafficking and control them only through the concerned administrations, he added.

In general, it encourages the usage of weapons by persons and organizations under the administration of rule and regulation.  

The main aim of the proclamation is to help maintain rule of law and ensure peace and stability in the country.

Besides, it will allow the country to facilitate a system that goes along international agreements with regard to illegal weapons trafficking and usage, it was pointed out.

The House of People’s Representatives approved the proclamation with a majority vote, two against, and four abstentions.