Ethiopia Reaffirms Technical Negotiation Last Solution to GERD Dialogue


ENA January 8 /2019 Ethiopia has remained committed to reinforce the trilateral technical negotiation to evade political interference, according to Water, Irrigation and Energy Minister.
The final trilateral ministerial technical meeting over Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) underway in Addis Ababa.

The two-day trilateral technical consultation meeting aimed at discussing on basis and foundation of principles, the filling and operation of the GERD among Ethiopia, Egypt and Sudan.

Speaking at the opening, Water, Irrigation and Energy Minister, Seleshi Bekele, said since the inception of technical committee on GERD, Ethiopia has been exerting maximum efforts for transparent and mutual understanding among the riparian countries.

 “We are going to prove it again for a brotherly and cooperative spirit of the final dialogue,” the Minister added

No matter GERD negotiation how complex from the point view of hydrology, occurrence of drought and operation, Seleshi noted the three countries can surmount those challenges as they develop best experience from the past negotiation.

“As we are coming closer to the technical negotiation today and tomorrow, we shoulder big responsibility on those remaining issues such as rules and regulation, filling and operational affairs for fruitful outcomes,” he said.

The minister gave emphasis on the technical negotiation, which is the best solution unlike political conciliation to solve such dispute on GERD saying “there is a technical solution for technical problem.”

He added political interference was the major challenge for the past negotiations on Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam being built on the Nile River.

“From our past negation experience, our main challenges are too much interferences of politics and indecisiveness that curtailed advancement.  I don’t see political solution has brought a win-win and mutual solution to any of us.”

According to the minister, GERD is a project that mainly generates energy would accelerate the Ethiopia’s development and strengthen the regional integration.

He called on down-stream countries for genuine dialogue than questioning against Ethiopia as long as the water filling process will be handled effectively.

Previously, Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt held three round technical meetings on issues related to the dam and assess its progress following their new agreement in Washington D.C last November.

Egyptian and Sudanese water ministers said for their part they have come some ideas that they hope to reach comprehensive, operational and beneficiary agreement on the GERD.