President Stresses Need for Knowing, Promoting Ethiopia’s History


ENA, January 6/2020 President Sahlework Zewdie said Ethiopians have to properly know the country’s history and work hard to promote it to the rest of the world.

Speaking to journalists today after her visit to “Unity Park”, the president noted that citizens should understand their rich history and promoted it to the rest of the world.

She said her visit to the park, which is not the first, has been fresh whenever she visited it.   “We need to first know our rich history properly from such unique institutions and inform the  international community about it,” the president stressed.

The newly built Unity Park will have significant role in displaying Ethiopia’s rich history and teach its greatness to the present and future generation.

Sahlework added that Ethiopia will also refurbish the National Palace and other historical sites in order to revive the history of the country and make it center of attraction.  

Unity Park, built at a cost of five-billion-birr, was inaugurated and opened for visitors on October 10, 2019.