Nation Showcases Commitment to Peace at Annual Africa Peace Walk Int’l-Djibouti


ENA January 3 /2020 Ethiopia has demonstrated its commitment to peace at the 13th Africa Peace Walk International – Djibouti which took place in the mountainous region of Arta Region today, according to Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Arta Peace Walk takes place every year to emphasize the value of peace and environment protection in Africa, it was learned.

At the 13th Anniversary of the Arta PeaceWalk, Ethiopia has showcased its unwavering commitments to regional, continental as well as global peace, according to the ministry.

Ethiopia’s Ambassador to Djibouti, Abdulaziz Mohammed and the diplomatic staff, Ethiopians and Ethiopian diaspora, ministers and senior officials of Djibouti, representatives of various missions in the country as well as Djiboutians and foreign nationals took part in the 10-kilometer peace march.

“One people: two countries”, “Ethiopia and Djibouti: Shipping love to one another”, “Arta-Harar: Historical sister cities” were among the messages echoed at the peace walk.