Gov’t to Establish Council of Economic Advisors, Calls for Candidates


Addis Ababa December 31/2019 Office of the Prime Minister announced today that the government will establish an independent Council of Economic Advisors. It also invited qualified interested professionals to apply for the advisory role.

“To ensure successful implementations and continuity of the ongoing economic reforms and promote inclusive economic development, the Government of Ethiopia believes it is important to establish an independent national council of economic advisors,” the office stated.

It is to be recalled that the government recently unveiled an ambitious and comprehensive reform to address macroeconomic imbalance and sustain growth.

The independent council of economic advisors to be established will offer independent, objective, and evidence-based economic policy advice to the government.

According to the office of the prime minister, this will improve the quality and transparency of economic policy making process that in turn leads to designing and implementing participatory, informed and effective economic policies.

The council is expected to have about 15 high caliber members who are independent and provide evidence-based economic policy advice to the government on regular basis, it was learned.

The members are expected to be extremely knowledgeable of the Ethiopia economy and socio-political context as well as respected and established in their respective areas of expertise.

Moreover, the members of the council are expected to reflect the diversity in Ethiopia in terms of their background, gender, profession and other dimensions, the office pointed out. At all times, they are expected to be committed to serve the public interest and their country.

The government has invited potential members of the council to apply if they are Ethiopians or of Ethiopian origin who are passionate, seasoned and qualified to serve the country as a members of Council of Economic Advisors.