City Launches Construction of 4bln Birr Worth Edible-oil Factory


  Ena December 29/2019 Addis Ababa City Administration launched construction of a 4 billion birr worth edible-oil factory which is expected to produce 600,000 litres of cooking oil daily.

Addis Ababa City Administration Deputy Mayor, Takele Uma laid the cornerstone for the commencement of the construction and appreciated Mohammed International Development Research and Organization Companies (MIDROC).

The Deputy Mayor called upon private sectors to follow suit in carrying out necessary commitment to address social problems.

Upon completion, the factory will process 500 metric ton oil seeds to fulfill the unmet demands of residents of the city and its environs.

Construction of the factory will be undertaken by the city administration in collaboration with MIDROC Ethiopia, in less than 18 months.

According to Office of the Prime Minister, dependence on subsidized imports of cooking oil has consumed around 25 percent of Ethiopia’s foreign currency expenditure though it has great potential to produce.