Visit of President Isayas Bolsters Relations between Ethiopia, Eritrea: HPR Standing Committee Chair


Addis Ababa December 28/2019 The recent official visit of President Isaias Afeworki to Ethiopia would “advance the diplomatic relations between Ethiopia and Eritrea to a higher level,” according to the Chairperson of Peace and Security Affairs Standing Committee.

Chairperson of Peace and Security Affairs Standing Committee of the House of People’s Representatives, Tesfaye Daba told ENA that he believes “the official visit of President Isaias will advance the relations between the two countries.”

The Eritrean president and his delegation visited Ethiopia early this week on the invitation of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed.

According to the chairperson, the visit would help the relations between the two countries and peoples to have legal basis.

Tesfaye revealed that various works have been undertaken at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs “to give legal framework for the relations between the governments and peoples of the two countries and transform it.”

He stressed that the two countries should have legal framework to strengthen their economic, social and political relations.

To this end, the chairperson noted that the recent visit of President Isaias visit to Ethiopia was a good opportunity.

The peace development between Ethiopia and Eritrea would further contribute to ensure peace and security in the region and beyond, it was pointed out.

During his stay in Ethiopia, President Isayas and Prime Minister Abiy held discussions about ways of bolstering bilateral relations between the two countries.

The two leaders also laid cornerstone for Eritrea Embassy that will be built in Addis Ababa.

It is to be recalled that the two decades stalemate between the countries was resolved peacefully after the Ethiopian prime minister took the initiative to make peace and the Eritrean President accepted it.