Nation Plans to Develop Communication Satellite


  Ena  December  20/2019 Ministry of Innovation and Technology today announced that in short-range plan, Ethiopia will develop communication satellite and establish center for satellite assembly, integration and testing. 

This morning, Ethiopia has launched its first-ever Remote Sensing Satellite, ET-RSS-1, to space which enabled the country to join other African countries in the space exploration.

In a launching ceremony of ETRSS-1, Innovation and Technology State Minister, Ahmedin Mohammed said feasibility study of both projects is already finalized.

The day is unique not only for launching its first satellite, but also it turns the country “from assumption to certainty, from information dependency to ownership, from looking afar to realizing one’s own.”

Accelerating space science and technology as well as deep exploration at present day where information has become one of the expensive goods, robotics, cyber security, digital finance and emerging big data industries are pivotal, Ahmedin elaborated.

The State Minister further stated “information based digitization in the coming decades will not only transform the socio-economic aspect of the world but also monopolize it.”

To date, some 9 African countries have launched satellites to the space while there are 70 countries across the world.