Commission Stresses Need for Increasing Investment on Science, Innovation


 Ena December 13/2019 Increasing investment on science, technology and innovation is crucial in realizing Agenda 2063, according to AU Commission for Human Resources.

AU Commissioner for Human Resources, Science and Technology, Professor Sarah Anyang said at the closing of the 3rd Ordinary Session of the Specialized Technical Committee Meeting on Education, Science and Technology that maximizing efforts in consolidating education, technology and innovation is necessary to “realize the Africa we want.”

She stressed that Africa “needs to make sure that our science, our technology and our innovation stick to the challenges of Africa so that we can give African solutions to African challenges.”

Science and technology is the bedrock of the society in eradicating hunger, providing potable water, increasing agricultural production, Anyang noted.

Assistance Director-General for Natural Science at UNESCO, Shamila Nair-bedouelle said her organization is working closely with all African countries on the continental education strategy.

It is providing support for teacher’s technical and vocational education and working with different institutions and the African Union on curricula and skill development.

In terms of science and technology, UNESCO is also supporting the African continent in the reinforcement of capacities of institutions and empowering African scientists, she added.

“If we want to go ahead with the Agenda 2063, we have to empower the youth in Africa,” Shamila noted.

The ministerial meeting is expected to diagnose problems and come up with recommendations which would help to incorporate them to national policy of each member states.