EAF President Confers with Japan’s Olympics Minister


Addis Ababa December 13/2019 President of the Ethiopian Athletics Federation, Derartu Tulu, met with Japan’s Olympics Minister, Hhashimoto Seiko in Tokyo today, according to Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

On the occasion, the Minister expressed her gratitude to the Ethiopian delegation led by Derartu for its participation in the half marathon race, which will be held in Kashima, Japan, to commemorate and acknowledge the legendary Ethiopian Marathon runner- Abebe Bikila.

Ethiopian Athletics President, Derartu Tulu on her part commended the Japanese acknowledgment extended to the Ethiopian athlete.

Ethiopian athletes are ready to repeat Abebe Bikila’s records at the forthcoming 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Para-Olompic Games, she added.

Japan’s capital, Tokyo is finalizing preparation to host the 2020 Olympic Games set to take place from 24 July to 9 August 2020.