Ethiopia, US Agree to Reinforce Security Cooperation


Addis Ababa  December  6/2012 Ethiopia and the United States have agreed to reinforce their security partnership.

According to Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the two countries agree to strength the cooperation at the 9th annual US-Ethiopia bilateral defense committee held in Washington, DC on Wednesday.

Minister of Defense Lemma Megerssa and Deputy Assistance Security of Defense for African Affairs Peter Marocco co-chaired the meeting.

The two sides shared views on regional security, peace keeping, intelligence and military relations with the goal of strengthening security partnership.

Highlighting the significant increase in security cooperation between the two countries over the last 18 months, both sides reaffirmed commitment to enhance the cooperation.

The Bilateral Defense Committee enables the two countries to identify new cooperation areas such as counterterrorism and intelligence that enhance the existing partnership that aimed to bring peace and security to East Africa.