Ethiopian PD Team Confers with President Museveni


ENA November 29/2019 Ethiopian Public Diplomacy team on Thursday held discussion with Ugandan President, Yoweri Museveni, in the State House in Kampala.

The Public Diplomacy team, led by the Speaker of the House of the Peoples’ Representative (HPR), Tagesse Chafo, is in an official visit to Uganda aiming to strengthening relationship with Uganda.

President Museveni warmly welcomed the visiting team of Ethiopian Public Diplomacy to Uganda emphasizing the need for sound economic relations among the countries in the region.

It is indispensable to integrate African countries with strong economic ties, the president said adding that the Horn of Africa needs unity and togetherness for the benefit of the entire Africa.

The President stated that building infrastructures that can connect countries in Africa will provide people with access to market and production sites.

Museveni also commended the ongoing comprehensive reform in Ethiopia and called for measures that further boost people-to-people relations between Uganda and Ethiopia.

Speaker of the House of Peoples’ Representatives, Tagesse Chafo said forming alliances based on fairness, in addition to building infrastructures, would enable Africans exploit their untapped resources.

The Speaker also appreciated Uganda’s commitment to strengthen its relations with Ethiopia and expressed gratitude to the Government of Uganda for ratifying the Cooperative Framework Agreement (CFA) and registering it in the African Union.