Survey Shows Improvement of Judicial Independence in Federal First Instance Courts


ENA November 23/2019 A survey conducted on federal First Instance Courts has reportedly revealed that improvements are being witnessed in terms of judicial independence and accountability. 

Presenting the survey today, Federal First Instance Court Vice President, Tesfaye Neway,  judges in federal first instance courts have been passing judgments independently in accordance with the law.

According to him, the institutional and personal independence of judges as well as confidence of judges boosted through training and firm stand of the leadership in judicial independence and accountability played a great role.

The three-year master plan that aims to strengthen the justice system and enhance awareness of the executive and legislative bodies as well as the public on the importance of judicial independence are among the other factors mentioned by the research to have helped in  bringing about independence.

Improved working environment inside and outside the courts such as increment in budget were also cited as factors for making the judges independent and accountable.

The presenter explained that all stakeholders, including the legislative and executive bodies as well as the public, need to contribute their share to the creation of a strong judicial system.

Federal Supreme Court Deputy President, Solomon Areda called on judges to strengthen the justice system and act in accordance with the law effectively and efficiently.

The survey was sponsored by the Federal Supreme Court, it was learned.