President Stresses Need for Boosting Involvement of Women in Science and Technology


November 22/2019 The engagement of women in science and technology is pivotal to achieve development goals, President Sahlework Zewdie said.
Addressing a consultative meeting on Ethiopian women and science today, the president said  

the participation of women in science and technology is low in the country.

Yet, there are some influential Ethiopian women in science and technology at national and international levels, Sahlework added.    

According to her, “the journey to ensure equality of women will be daunting, unless the participation of women is strengthened.”

The government has, therefore, been encouraging and supporting women to actively engage in the field.

The president underscored the need for transformation of knowledge and exchange of  experiences among women and stakeholders to improve the situation.

Science and Higher Education Minister, Professor Hirut Woldemariam said encouraging and recognizing women in science and technology is crucial for the development of the country.

She stated that the ministry has taken various measures to enhance the participation of women in science and technology.

Ministry of Science and Higher Education, in collaboration with Ethiopian Academy of Sciences, organized the consultative meeting.