Administrator Praises Peaceful Completion of Referendum


ENA November  21/2019 Sidama Zone Administrator, Desta Lendamo, appreciated election executives, board members, security officers and other stakeholders for their role in realizing a peaceful referendum.

In a press briefing to journalists today, the administrator said polling of Sidama referendum, which closed yesterday, was successful and expected to respond the query of being structure as region.

He added that the referendum is part of the sweeping reform being underway in the country, which paved the way for democratic culture to flourish.

He also thanked Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed for his immense contribution in responding to long awaited public query of the Sidama people.

If the final result is in favor of regional autonomous, the Sidama people is ready to work with all nations of the country under the auspice of the medemer principle, he said.

“We are ready to participate in the development efforts of the country and contribute our part in collaboration with all nations and nationalities of the country with the spirit of unity,” the administrator affirmed.

Mayor of Hawassa City, Tiratu Beyene, on his part said the referendum championing all nations and nationalities of Ethiopia beyond the Sidama people.

He pointed out that the municipality will work towards strengthening unity of the people more than ever before in order to ensure peaceful coexistence and sustain development efforts being underway in the city.