Kenyan Parliament Desirous to Collaborate with Ethiopian HPR


ENA November 21/2019 The Kenyan Parliament expressed its desire to work in collaboration with the Ethiopian House of Peoples’ Representatives (HPR), according Ethiopian embassy in Kenya.

Kenyan Government Whip, Aden Duale conferred with Ethiopian Ambassador to Kenya, Meles Alem on Tuesday.

On the occasion, Duale called for the formation of a Parliamentary Friendship Association among the two countries.

Appreciating the ongoing reform in Ethiopia, the Kenyan Government Whip commended Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s efforts towards realizing the economic integration in the Horn Africa.

Moreover, Duale noted that Ethiopia and Kenya play a vital role in maintaining peace and development in the Horn region.

Ambassador Meles assured that Ethiopia is keen in the parliamentary cooperation as it demonstrates the people-to-people relations of the two countries.

Addressing the developmental demands of the people living within the border areas is imperative to prevent the occurrence of conflict.