TVET Critical to Address Demand for Jobs: State Minister for TVET


ENA November 19/2019 Bolstering Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) is crucial to address the ever-increasing demand of the youth for jobs that has become a major threat to the country, State Minister for TVET Abdiwasa said. 

Following the opening of the National TVET Mobilization Forum that opened today, Abdiwasa Abdilahi, State Minister for TVET at Ministry of Science and Higher Education told journalists that lack of job is a major national threat at the moment.  

According to him, most of the challenges which have been witnessed in the country recently emanated from the ever-increasing youth unemployment in the nation.

Despite some encouraging results that have been witnessed in Ethiopia, TVET still needs collaborative efforts to realize the nation’s ambition, he pointed out, adding that TVET has been playing a significant role in creating jobs and supporting the country’s inclusive growth at global level.

The state minister noted that the best TVET experiences from other countries clearly show that engaging the private sector is absolutely essential for Ethiopian TVET to be productive.

The quality and skill related issues will be resolved when the active involvement of the private sector is fully realized, he said, adding that quality starts from the trainers of trainees and the provision of the right inputs.

GIZ National TVET Coordinator, Hailemichael Asrat said on his part that countries have been achieving their dreams only through utilizing well qualified and competent human resources.

Well trained labor force enables to easily exploit modern technologies and other essential inputs which the sector badly needs, the coordinator addedd.

The two-day forum will discuss the role of employers in TVET and skill development in the field of cooperative training, teacher and in-company trainer training, and enhancing cooperation between public and private actors, among others.