PM Abiy Calls Muslims to Remember, Practice Teachings of Prophet Muhammad


Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed called on Muslims to remember and practice the teachings of Prophet Muhammad while celebrating his birth.

ENA / November 9/2019 In a message he extended in connection to the celebration of the birth of the Prophet, Abiy called on Muslims to practice what the Prophet has taught while celebrating the festival known as Mawlid.

Mawlid, the birth of the Prophet, is mainly celebrated with prayer, reading the Quran, singing spiritual songs that honor the Prophet, and offering food clothes to the poor.

Abiy noted that the Prophet taught that the world need four pillars to survive – teaching of the wise, justice of the elderly, prayer of the good and courage.

Prime Minister Abiy said these four things are important to bring peace, prosperity and integrity among the Ethiopian people.

Teachings of wise people will enable societies appreciate knowledge and truth; avoid emotionality and embrace rationality, and pass challenges wisely, he said.

Abiy said it needs great people to ensure justice that derived from the law and moral rather than power, pride and advantage and bias, noting that great people are selfless.

Noting that prayer is part of the day to day activities of Ethiopians, Abiy said what this country needs ‘is not just a prayer it is prayer of the good people; … a prayer from a person free from racism and evil deeds’.

Abiy said, ‘this is the time for Ethiopians to stand with truth’, noting that heros are those who are courageous to tell the truth and stand with it, even though it may need sacrifice.   

Prime Minister Abiy called on Muslims to discuss these four things in gathering and question the existence of these things among themselves.