INSA Alarmed by Increase in Cyber Attacks, Calls for Swift Actions


Addis Ababa November 4/2019 Swift actions are needed to thwart cyber attacks as the grand attacks have been increasing alarmingly in Ethiopia, according to Information Network Security Agency (INSA).

Cyber attacks have increased from 479 and 576 to 791 grand attacks annually during the past three successive years.

Opening the first Cyber Security Week in Ethiopia today, INSA Director-General Ifrah Ali said the attacks, which targeted key infrastructures and citizens, have been growing fast.

“If we don’t act swiftly for sustainable solutions at national level, the cyber attacks will negatively impact the country’s peace, development and democratic system,” she noted.

Despite the growing trends of using technologies in the country, the awareness and capacity to prevent cyber attack is still poor; and this makes the situation even worse, Ifrah stated.

Lack of awareness, legal frameworks, and poor cyber security governance, among others, are among the major problems cited.

Thus increasing awareness and building the capacity of citizens and institutions in cyber security are among the next directions to be prioritized by the government and other stakeholders.

Peace State Minister Zeynu Jemal said on his part “we have reached a point when individuals and institutions are widely exposed to global cyber attacks.”  

Since cyber security is new to Ethiopia and needs many trained human resource, the government is ready to provide all the necessary inputs and technological supports to tackle cyber attacks, he stressed.

Yet Zeynu urged all stakeholders to collaborate in fighting cyber attack by considering its nature of complexity.

The world has lost 1.5 trillion USD in 2018 due to cyber attacks. The world is also predicted to loss 6 trillion USD by 2021.