Ethiopia Striving to Improve Health Supply Chain Magt. System, African Conference on Chain Management System Underway


Addis  Ababa  November  1/2019 Ministry of Health has been working hard to improve the health supply chain management system in the country, Health State Minister Seharla Abdulahi said.

Opening the two-day African Conference on Operations and Supply Chain Management today, Health State Minister Seharla Abdulahi said the country has been working hard to improve the health supply chain system through the Pharmaceutical Supply Agency it established in 2007.

“Supplying essential pharmaceuticals at affordable prices to public institutions is the aim of the agency, ” she added.

As a result, manufacturers are currently covering 20 percent of country’s pharmaceutical demand, which is expected to reach 90 percent in the next 10 years, according to Seharla.

In spite of the promising progress, stock shortage, medical supplies, and high wastage rate are among the problems the government encountered, it was learned.

Global Logistics Education Program Director at Kuehne Foundation, one of the organizers of the conference, Andre Kreie said that research and the experience of academicians are crucial in addressing the gaps in logistic and supply chain management system in Africa.

Therefore, research is put at the forefront of the discussion in this conference, he said, adding that the conference will figure out the challenges of efficient supply chain, particularly in the health sector.

Kuehne Foundation is now working with African countries, including Addis Ababa and Mekelle universities, to produce more professionals in logistic and supply chain, he stated.

The conference is aimed at sharing research findings and experiences with academicians and industry experts. Its objective is also to create a networking platform for academicians, policy makers, industry, experts, and supply chain management stakeholders.

More than one hundred participants from 12 African countries are in attendance of the conference.

The organizer Kuhne Foundation is a Swiss organization with the objective of supporting higher education in 12 African countries, including Ethiopia, with focus on logistics, supply chain management system, and transportation.