Over 400 Individuals Suspected of Involving in Violence Detained


Addis Ababa  November    31  /2019 Over 400 individuals suspected of involving in the violence that led to the loss of lives and property in Oromia, Harari and Dire Dewa have been detained, Office of the Prime Minister said.

Head of the Press Secretary, Nigussu Tilahun said 78 people have lost lives and properties were damaged due to the violence happened in some parts of Oromia, Harar  and Dire Dawa.

The casualty came as demonstrations intended to provide support to an activist into an attack based on ethnic and religious identity.

Nigusu said the government has acted immediately to control the situation.

He said religious leaders, elders and other communities have done commendable role in preventing further damage and stabilizing the situation.

Following this chaos, government has arrested 409 individuals suspected of involving in the attack, he added.

Furthermore, he confirmed that the government will intensify its efforts to detain the individuals involved in inciting the conflict.

Nigusu reiterated that the government will continue to ensure rule of law.