Medemer Encourages Indigenous Knowledge, Solutions: Expert


  Addis Ababa  October 26  /2019 The concept of “Medemer”, which initiated by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, would help to address problems through indigenous solutions, expert said.

Since the introduction of the concept, various groups of the society have been reflecting their views and opinion on the concept.

Last week Prime Minister Abiy has launched the book called “Medemer” aiming to give insight on his philosophy that promotes local knowledge and solutions.

Medemer” is a multidimensional concept that aimed to bring a paradigm shift in using local knowledge, history and experience as well as solutions to social, political and economic problems.

Yonas Zewde, former lecturer of philosophy at Addis Ababa University, told ENA that the “Medemer” is about combining knowledge and effort as well as accumulating capital. 

It is a concept that affects all aspects including economic, social and political sectors.

It promotes a synergy between individuals, groups, and institutions for a more effective and creative work in the public interest, he added.

“There were good and bad things that happened in the past at individual and government level. ‘Medemer’ believes in strengthening good things and rectify pervious mistakes to the prosperity of the nation,” he said.

Furthermore, he noted that the concept encourages citizens to work in harmony and unity to solve problems as government could not address problems alone.

He said “our country has a lot of good things. We have immense indigenous knowledge, wisdom and resource. We have experience of resolving conflict, mediation. Therefore, we have to combine these rich resources.”

“The concept of Medemer believes that our indigenous problems need our indigenous solutions, which are important for the journey towards a country we want,” he added.