Economic Decisions by EPRDF Aligned with Dev’t State Policies,Strategies: GCAO


Addis Ababa June 05/2018 The decisions passed by the Executive Committee of EPRDF today are very much aligned with policies and strategies of developmental government, according to Government Communication Affairs Office.

Briefing local journalists today, Government Communication Affairs Minister Ahmed Shide said the decision passed envisions enhancing the involvement and active participation of the private sector while keeping momentum of the fast economic growth.

The “government has been intervening in some areas, including infrastructure and few service sectors, where the private sector avoids for fear of risk,” he said, adding that it has now started involving the private sector.

The Minister, who mentioned big public enterprises that have been growing significantly over the years, stated further that partially or fully selling shares of those companies will help in realizing export-led economy, poverty reduction, and creating massive job opportunity.

Measures taken by a country to ensure economic development depends on the tangible economic situation of the country, Ahmed said, and noted that “the decision made by the Executive Committee is appropriate and timely.”