Authority Launches Public Consultation Process on Licensing Framework of Telecommunications Sector


Ethiopian Communications Authority has officially launched today the public consultation process prior to issuing new telecommunications licenses.

Communications Authority Director-General Balcha Reba told journalists that the launching of public consultation prior to issuing new telecommunications licensing framework intends to collect the contributions of all interested stakeholders regarding the proposed regulatory framework.

In line with this agenda, the authority plans to issue two additional licenses for telecommunications service operators through a competitive process pursuant to the Communications Services Proclamation of Ethiopia, he added.

The public consultation regarding licensing framework of telecommunications sector in Ethiopia will be conducted for the next four weeks starting from today, according to the director-general.

Balcha stated that the consultation on the proposed regulatory framework will guarantee a transparent and interactive process in the best interest of the Ethiopian people.

He pointed out that this important milestone signals the telecommunications market opening process that proceeds to liberalize the Ethiopian telecommunications sectors.

The director-general, who invited all parties interested in the current process to submit their views on proposed regulatory orientations by November 22, 2019, revealed that public notice and details of the major regulatory orientations it aims to implement are accessible at

Stakeholder conference which preliminary answers questions of interested parties will also be held on November 12, 2019.

The Ethiopian Communications Authority was established on August 12, 2019 to promote the development of high quality, efficient, reliable and affordable communications services throughout the nation.