Ethiopia to Fully Implement Algiers Agreement: EPRDF Executive Committee


Addis Ababa June 05/2018 The Executive Committee of EPRDF announced that it will strive to restore peace between Ethiopia and Eritrea by ending hostilities.

The Committee which began its regular meeting today to discuss various issues said it has decided to fully implement the Algiers agreement and decisions of the Eritrea–Ethiopia Boundary Commission to restore peace and stability.

The Committee passed the decision in order to ensure the benefits of the peoples of the two countries, Communique of the Executive Committee sent to ENA said.

It also reiterated its commitment to consolidate the country’s foreign policy which promotes mutual benefits.

The Committee has called on the government of Eritrea to take similar action without any precondition so as to reinstate peace and good neighborliness among the peoples of the two countries.

Ethiopia and Eritrea have been in ‘no war, no peace’ situation since December 2000, where a peace agreement was signed by the two governments following the war that broke out between the two countries in 1998.

In June 2000, the parties agreed to a comprehensive peace agreement and binding arbitration of their disputes under the Algiers Agreement.

A 25-kilometer-wide Temporary Security Zone (TSZ) was established within Eritrea, patrolled by the United Nations Mission in Ethiopia and Eritrea (UNMEE) from over 60 countries.

The Eritrea–Ethiopia Boundary Commission that was established under the Algiers Agreement, in collaboration with Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague, agreed upon a “final and binding” verdict in April 2002.