ODP Concludes Meeting by Stressing Need for Genuine Federal System


Addis Ababa  October 18  /2019 The Central Committee of Oromo Democratic Party (ODP) has concluded its two-day meeting by passing resolutions that stress need for establishing a genuine federal system.

In its communique issued today, the central committee said the committee stressed that a federal system is an indispensable political and administrative system. ODP has unwavering stand on the institution of genuine federal system and ensuring equality of nations, nationalities and peoples of Ethiopia.

It criticized the federal system that prevailed in the country for not involving all the people fairly and its being undemocratic.

The committee underlined the need for correcting these gaps and establishing genuine federalism, underlining the party’s commitment to struggle for the equality, freedom and fraternity of all nations, nationalities and peoples.

Explaining its position on merging the umbrella organization, Ethiopian Peoples Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF), the central committee stated that replacing revolutionary democracy with the concept of Medemer (synergy) would strengthen the evolving party to be established.

This would consolidate the existing achievements and address visible problems as well as ensure rights and interests of the new generation, the communique pointed out.

The committee noted that reforming EPRDF is crucial as it is the preferred means of safeguarding the interests and needs of the Ethiopian people by building a nation with a genuine federal system.

According to the communique, the central committee has also assessed extensively the strengths and weaknesses of the reform as well as the internal problems of the party.

The party expressed its special gratitude to the Ethiopian people, particularly the Oromos, for their support to Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed to win the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize.

The committee asserted that the international recognition is a result of the struggle of the people and the leadership of the party, stressing that this would help to enhance the capability of the party in its struggle.

The central committee has reportedly agreed to fully address problems of unity and ideology among the leadership and down to the grassroots level.

Gaps in carrying out missions of the party and government with accountability and commitment have been identified, the committee stated, adding that agreement was reached to mobilize the leaders at all levels to work actively together and meet the demands and struggle of the people.