PM Confers with Libyan High Council of State Chairperson


Addis Ababa,ENA, October 18/2019 Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed met with a Libyan delegation led by Khalid al-Mishri, Chairperson of the Libyan High Council of State, today. 
Libyan High Council of State Chairperson Khalid al-Mishri congratulated the premier for  wining the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize.

According to Office of the Prime Minister, Khalid also expressed his admiration to PM Abiy for the achievements gained since his premiership, and requested support for the ongoing attempts to stabilize Libya.

Prime Minister Abiy on his part shared his concerns on the state of affairs in Libya and expressed Ethiopia’s readiness to support through regional and international organizations.

He encouraged Libyans to be strong and united in working for peace.