Conferring of Nobel Peace Prize on PM Abiy Gives Impetus to Peace in Africa: Nigerian Ambassador Adeoye


Addis Ababa  October 16  /2019 Nigeria’s Ambassador to Ethiopia Bankole Adeoye, commenting on the awarding of the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize to Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, said this is a good sign for the peace processes within and across the whole of Africa.

In an exclusive interview with ENA, Nigeria’s Ambassador to Ethiopia Bankole Adeoye said

“we all are happy because it is good sign for Africa, and a good sign for the peace processes within and across the whole of the African continent.”

It is important to emphasize leadership for peace and peace for leadership has always been for the benefit of Africans, he added.

“The Prime Minister is a reform minded leader; and reforms that center peace will make a lot of difference,” the ambassador stated, adding that this “… is the beginning of a dawn for peace to thrive.”

According to Adeoye, the Nobel Peace Prize is important to energize the commitment and collective partnership to bring peace and security to all troubled zones in Africa, particularly the Horn of Africa that has witnessed decades of instability and insecurity.

“But with the leadership displayed by Dr. Abiy Ahmed and like-minded leaders in the continent, with the support of IGAD and the African Union, can make a change; and I think that has been demonstrated. The prize is a testament to the goodness in promoting peace in our continent,” the ambassador pointed out.

He stressed that everyone should redouble efforts and support Prime Minister Abiy, the leaders of IGAD in the region in order to make change happen.

The most important part of the commitment is the inspirational leadership. It is about bringing people together, rallying and mobilizing them, Adeoye noted. Peace is about people; it is not just for governments.

“ All African leaders should (therfeore) be committed to silence the guns,” the ambassador underscored.

“We have seen that in what Ethiopia has done with Eritrea. Indeed, I have seen personally the commitment of Prime Minister Abiy and the President Isayas Afworki of Eritrea to drive a peace.With collective leadership and partnership and smarter partnership for peace, I think we can make peace happen by working together, and silencing the guns as the AU has collectively agreed,” Adeoye elaborated.

According to the Nigerian ambassador, the prize “is for Africa, because Africa has been seen as a continent troubled by crisis; but we have now a new Africa and we have a new leaders like Dr. Abiy.”