Over 42 Mn Birr Food Complex Inaugurated


Addis Ababa  October 10  /2019 A flour factory built at a cost of over 42 million birr by Oromia Agricultural Cooperative Federation that produces about 1,200 quintals of maize flour per day was inaugurated today.

Speaking at the inauguration of Galan Food Complex, Oromia Regional State Deputy Chief Administrator Shimelis Abdisa said the factory is crucial for enhancing and resolving the market chain among unions and farmers.

Noting the importance of the factory, he said similar factories will be replicated to other sites in the region to benefit farmers by enhancing quality production and productivity.

He added that the regional state is working with all stakeholders to modernize cooperative unions, stressing that unions should discharge their responsibilities in ensuring benefits for farmers.  

“Changing the economic profile  in Oromia means improving the livlihood of the farmers,” Shimelis said, adding that attention will also be given to provide supplies, including fertilizers and selected seeds to framers to increase production and productivity.

The deputy chief administrator stressed that the regional government is committed to give support for cooperative unions to scale up their efforts by providing financial incentives and land.

Oromia Agricultural Cooperative Federation Director-General, Askeberach Belayneh said the factory would produce maize flour with the objective of meeting local demands and for export.

Furthermore, she stated that the federation is working to be a leading economic enterprise that contributes to the economic development of the country and the livlihood of farmers by increasing their income.

She also added that the complex has created 200 jobs.

Oromia Agricultural Cooperative Federation, which was established in 2009, has 64 unions under it with over three million farmers and pastoralist members.