Japanese Companies Exploring Business Opportunities in Ethiopia


Addis Ababa October 8/2019 More than 15 Japanese business delegates drawn from ICT, health and agricultural sectors are exploring business opportunities in Ethiopia.

The delegation, participated on health business conference in which over 300 attendants from over 50 countries have participated, discussed with domestic entrepreneurs at the residence of Japan’s Ambassador to Ethiopia in Addis Ababa.

Japan’s Ambassador to Ethiopia, Daisuke Matsunanga, on the occasion said that Ethiopian and Japanese companies could cooperate in various ways in addition to conventional style of investment.

The companies are keen to work in artificial intelligence solutions in cooperation with Ethiopian companies like iCog Technology, the Ambassador pointed out.

Chief of the Business delegation, Ken Shibusawa, on his part said the companies come to Ethiopia to make preliminary business explorations in agriculture, health and other entrepreneurships.

“More than 100 million people are living in Ethiopia, engaging in agriculture sector and using drone technology and improving the agriculture quality is an interesting business we observed,” he noted.

Ken Shibusawa said “I am personally interested in social impact which means you get economic return and get measureable social impact in agriculture, health, waste management and energy.”

The Ethiopian entrepreneurs have explained to the delegates about the untapped businesses opportunities in the country and asked for possible partnerships which they could enhance their financial and technical capacity.