House Representatives Call on Government to Reinforce Implementation of Reform


Addis Ababa ENA October 7/2019 Some members of the House of Peoples Representatives have urged the executive body today to realize all the good plans and visions of the country. 

The representatives told ENA that, they said gaps in terms implementing the directions which emanate from the federal government.

Though the reforms have brought significant achievements, there has been lack of coherence   between the federal government and the regional states that distract, lag or fail to realize the set goals.

Enana Yehuala, one of the representatives appreciated that the president touched on this same issue and pledged to correct it this Ethiopian year.

Though Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has embarked on sound political, economic and social reforms during the past year, the lower structure of the government has been hesitant in executing the plans, she stressed.

In this regard, Enana urged the government has to be transparent in order to make the reform  succeed at the lower leadership.

She specifically underlined peace and security challenges that country has been facing, and pointed out that the House of People’s Representatives will exert pressure on the government for lasting solution.

The other representative, Tejitu Samuel said on her part even if Ethiopia has been enjoying  political freedom since the reform, lack of peace, internal displacement and inflation are the still bottlenecks.

As all the country’s plans and the reform activities could be realized through the participation of the community,  the government has to reach the lower level structure and the grassroots, she added.  

“Since our president has said today that this year is a year of implementation, the government is going to improve its weaknesses for the realization of the reform,” Tejitu stated.

Foreign Relations and Peace Affairs Standing Committee Head, Tesfaye Daba agreed that there is lack of consistency in implementing all directives given by the federal government.

Accordingly, all standing committees have to prioritize the execution of the reform in all sectors.