Ethiopia Downs Aircraft Transporting Weapons to Terrorist TPLF


Addis Ababa August 24/2022 /ENA/ A plane transporting weapons to the terrorist group TPLF and believed to be the property of Ethiopia's historical enemies was shot down by the heroic Air Force for violating the country's air space, the National Defense Force disclosed today.

The plane entered Ethiopia's airspace via Sudan, it was learned.

National Defense Force Defense Coordination Main Department and Deployment Head, Major General Tesfaye Ayalew told ENA that the plane, which flew from Sudan and violated Ethiopia's air space, was heading to Tigray through the northern part of Humera to deliver armaments to the terrorist group. The Ethiopian Air Force  shot it down at ten  o'clock last  night.

All of the Ethiopia security forces are on alert more than ever ready to protect the country's sovereignty and citizens peace and security from terrorist attacks, he added.

According to Major General Tesfaye, the terrorist group has been making preparations for the past several months and mobilizing its fighters to adjacent areas during the past two weeks.

It has also been carrying out provocative attacks, it was learned.

Ignoring all the peace alternatives extended by the government, the group launched attacks this morning at 5 AM on the eastern front in Bisober, Zobel Mountain, and Wetwet, Major General Tesfaye revealed.

With these attacks the group has violated the ceasefire and its combatants are suffering from the huge fire of the security forces, he added.

Even if there are groups forces that have been intent on violating the sovereignty of Ethiopia through the agent terrorist group, the National Defense Force and Ethiopians are ready to protect   their country, the head stressed.

Major General Tesfaye further underscored that the National  Defense Force is fully prepared to take final measures against the terrorist group, unless it abandons its dream to destroy the country and returns back to the peaceful alternative,

Ethiopian News Agency