Gov’t Prioritizes Providing Humanitarian Assistance to Tigray Region: Interim Admin


January 21/2021(ENA)The Government of Ethiopia has been committed to provide humanitarian assistance to the needy people in Tigray Regional State, Chief Executive of the Interim Administration of Tigray Regional State, Mulu Nega said.

The Federal Government has been providing strong humanitarian support to Tigray Regional State, he added.

In an exclusive talk with ENA, the CEO said the interim administration prioritized on providing humanitarian assistance to the needy people when it started its work in the region.

He, however, noted that when the Federal Government and the interim administration moved in to provide humanitarian assistance, the distractive elements looted and destroyed the trucks, disrupting the urgent delivery.

The CEO further stated that the perpetrators had caused the problem during the main harvesting season that exacerbated the humanitarian crisis in the region.

“The existing problem has been exacerbating by the evil acts of the distractive group in the region. This group had caused the conflict during the main harvesting season. This shows how the group doesn’t care for its own people. The people had also been experiencing problem of access to electricity and water service for months.  These are the reasons for the existing humanitarian crisis in the region. It is obvious that shortages of food could happen particularly in remote areas and where there is problem of security. However, both the federal and the Interim Administration are well aware of the problems being encountered in the region and are responding accordingly. They have never been reluctant to the situation.  The government has given priority for the problem with commitment to solve the problem, though there are gaps that have been resulted from the complexity and intensity of the problem,” he said.

Because of the evil act of the group, the people in the region have also been suffering from lack of electricity and water supply, he elaborated.

But, the federal government is working with the interim administration to solve the existing problem, he indicated.

Mulu also pointed out that those who uttered the humanitarian assistance is not being delivered to the region are in quest of political gain.

“But some media outlets and other groups are disseminating information that is fallacious. The government is well aware of the fact that the need for humanitarian assistance and risk of displacements in the region. Right after the start of the interim administration, humanitarian intervention was the first priority. It is only the matter of speed to deliver the assistance which has already been discussed and instructions are given to swiftly address the problem,” he said.

According to the CEO, electricity, water and bank services have already been restored in many areas of the regional state.

He has called upon all Ethiopians including regional states and city administrations to play their part in the re-enactment efforts of the region and show their solidarity to the people of Tigray.