Institute Appeals for 496 million Birr Emergency Assistance to Prevent COVID-19


ENA February 26/2020 Ethiopian Public Health Institute (EPHI) has appealed for 496 million Birr emergency assistance for COVID-19 preparedness and response today. 

EPHI Director-General, Dr. Ebba Abate told journalists that the institute needs the financial support for three-months to prevent and response COVID-19.

“We have appealed for the help of the government and are doing partners mapping for additional financial support from international partners such as the World Health Organization.”

According to him, the spread of COVID-19 and risk of importing it is high and preparedness and response works need to be enhanced, including cooperation among domestic and international stakeholders and financial support from partners.

He further stated that the coordination among other sectors and partners should be enhanced as it is crucial, even if the institute and Ministry of Health are working in coordination.

There is no suspected case at hand as all the quarantined were confirmed negative, the director general revealed, adding that there are however “about 828 persons who came from China are being monitored.”

Dr. Eba also pointed out the lack of coordination in regions where over 5 percent enter, while 95 percent passengers enter Addis Ababa as their destination.

Ethiopia has started preparedness and screening works since January 24, 2020, and about  quarter of a million passengers have been checked at different entrance points.

COVID-19 has affected 34 countries to date and new cases were confirmed in Bahrain, Oman, Afghanistan and Iraq.