AU’s Effort Progressive on Continental Flagship Project of Agenda 2063


ENA,February 8/2020 The African Union (AU) has been making commendable progress on a flagship project of Agenda 2063, according to the former Commissioner for Economic Affairs of the Union.

Former Commissioner, Anthony Mothae Maruping told ENA that said the ministerial meeting of 33rd Ordinary Session of the AU evaluated the report of the progress on it.

Maruping, who is also advisor of African Union’s flagship project-Agenda 2063, said that the project is concrete and implementable with clear vision, and demonstrating improvements at this movement.

“When we look at the evaluation on what progress we are making is really fantastic job. What I can say that we are progressing and things are really moving specially, we are on fast track on Agenda 2063 flagship Programs and Projects,” he said.

Agenda 2063 has 13 fast track programmers and projects including the Continental Free Trade Area (CFTA), establishing of four continental financial and monetary institutions to service development and other mega projects, he indicated.

“You know there was skepticism after witnessing some sluggish implementation of previous OAU/AU frameworks where lies the source of hope that there will be successful implementation of this blueprint project. But now, we are so hopeful with those national plans they are already making progress on agenda 2063,” he added.

However, the advisor argued that with those positive progresses on Agenda 2063 implementation, the task for mobilization of resources from African finance institutions has been the major challenge and remained a bottleneck to the continental efforts.

The advisor noted that Africa needs to scrutinize policies for productive transformation in the move to help African leaders reach the targets of Agenda 2063 and to tap the opportunities.

He also urged Africans to accelerate the transformation of productivity and unleash the untapped potential that would help the continent to realize this flagship project.