Preparations for Conduct of Census Finalized: Central Statistical Agency

Addis Ababa March 16/2019 The Central Statistical Agency (CSA) disclosed that it has finalized preparations for the conduct of the 4th Population and Housing Census that begins early next month.   

CSA Deputy Director-General, Aberash Tariku told journalists yesterday that the country is ready to conduct a successful census that will begin on April 7, 2019.

Training of human resources and other preparations with respect to logistics and are being finalized, she added.

Some 1,600 training of trainers and a 15-day national training of enumerators and supervisors were given to 8,600 professionals, Aberash revealed.

A total of more than 180,000 workforce will be deployed for the census which will be supported by digital technology and tablets, it was learned.

Teachers, health and agricultural experts have been chosen to serve as enumerators across the country.

The deputy director-general pointed out that 3.5 billion birr has been allocated for the census since the beginning of the previous Ethiopia years.

She further stated that the population and housing census that spans for 20 days will cover the internally displaced people.