Flower Companies to be Penalized for Failing to Respect Code of Conduct

Addis Ababa March 08/2019 Actions will be taken on flower companies that have failed to abide by the Code of Conduct of the Flower Sector issued in 2011, Environment, Forest and Climate Change Commission disclosed today.

In the field assessment it made on 70 flower producing companies, the commission said most have failed from respecting the minimum rules and regulations under the code of conduct.

Speaking at a discussion forum organized to discuss the finding, it was revealed that only 20 percent of the 70 flower companies have met more than half of the 14 rules in the code of conduct.

Some 47 percent companies which met about half of the rules will be given administrative warning and 33 percent will be penalized.

Promoting sustainable environment, social development and protecting human rights in the companies are the main pillars of the code of conduct.

The code was adapted to increase the productivity of the flower sector without negative impacts on the society and the environment, it was learned.

Environment, Forest and Climate Change Deputy Commissioner, Frenesh Mekuria told journalists that from among the assessed companies “some are working to fully implement the requirements while the majority lagged. That is why we prepared this forum with stakeholders, including the companies.”

Oromia Environment, Forest and Climate Change Authority Deputy Director-General, Bona Yadessa said the authority will take corrective measures against the companies in the region which failed to implement the federal requirements.

In this regard, the region will not only penalize companies but award gold, silver and bronze to the companies that respected the code of conduct and realize chemical and wastage usage as well as labor protection.

Ethiopia has earned 229 million USD from the floriculture sector in 2018.