Nation to Have Biotechnology Policy Soon

Addis Ababa February 23/2019 Ethiopia will have a biotechnology policy soon, according to Biotechnology Institute (EBTI).

EBIT Director-General, Kassahun Tesfaye said the policy will help the country to utilize opportunities in biodiversity.

Kassahun noted that the policy would enable the country to conquer its challenges as biotechnology plays important role in enhancing productivity, reducing climate change, improving health, and bringing about economic growth.

The national biotechnology policy is the first of its kind to the country, it was learned. Though the country prepared a national biotechnology policy and strategy in 2002, it was not approved.

EBIT Director-General Kassahun stated that lack of skilled human resource, infrastructure, low productivity of the existing researches to contextualize the biodiversity of the country, and financial constraint are the major factors that prompted the institute to prepare the policy.