PM Abiy Urges Diplomats to Emphasize on Regional, Global Trends

Addis Ababa January 14/2019 Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed urged foreign based Ethiopian ambassadors and diplomats to understand the current global trends for ensuring and promoting the interest of the country at the international level, according Office of the Prime Minister.

A discussion aimed at reviewing the ongoing reforms that have been taking place within the Ministry and in Ethiopia’s foreign policy being underway with the presence of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, it was learned.

The Premier underscored that “it’s important to understand global trends as diplomats and to ensure there is alignment of thought and practice among themselves grounded in clarity of Ethiopia’s foreign policy.”

Abiy further highlighted the role of diplomats to act in service to Government policy, understand policies of countries of posting and maintenance of the rights of Ethiopians in mission countries.

The week long discussion is expected to focus on the diplomatic achievements over the past ten months, it was indicated.