Council of Ministers Approves Bill for Establishment of Electoral Board

Addis Ababa January 12/2019  The Council of Ministers has approved two separate draft bills for the establishment of the National Electoral BoardofEthiopia(NEBE) and the marketing of minerals.

In a press statement it sent to ENA today, Office of the Prime Minster said the draft bill for the establishment of NEBE is crucial as citizens need to elect their representatives at every level through free, fair and peaceful election.

For this to happen, independent electoral body is essential, it noted, adding that guarantying the establishment of an independent body free from interventions has therefore been found necessary.

Accordingly, the bill for the establishment of national election drafted by the Office of the Attorney General was approved by the council and forwarded to the House of People’s Representatives for endorsement.

The other draft bill deliberated upon is intent on modernizing the mineral marketing system of the country, it was pointed out.

The draft bill prepared by the Ministry of Mines and Petroleum is a legal framework which would enable to expand the marketing of all minerals, establish legal and monitoring system so as to enhance the economy by modernizing marketability of the sector.

Both draft bills are now referred to the House of People’s Representatives for approval.